How To Make A Box From A Greeting Card?

Do you ever feel bad about discarding lovely greeting cards you’ve received? Here’s an easy way to make small boxes out of old greeting cards; this is a beautiful way to reuse Christmas cards, birthday cards, and more. This activity takes approximately 20 minutes and is appropriate for children eight and older. So, how to make a box from a greeting card?

Gather Your Supplies

Gather all the necessary materials beforehand to have everything on hand when you’re ready to begin crafting. Note that both square and rectangular cards work well for this craft.


  • Greeting card
  • Pencil or pen
  • cellophane tape
  • The ruler
  • Scissors
  • Bone organizer (optional).

The Instruction Of Making Box From A Greeting Card

Here are the step-by-step instruction to make a box from a greeting card:

1. Cut The Card In Half.

First, divide the Card in half. Along the fold, remove the reverse of the Card. You should now have two identically sized sections.

2. Trim The Card’s Back

Remove a small amount from each edge of the reverse of the Card. The rear should measure approximately 1/8″ to 1/4″ shorter than the front.

3. Mark And Measure The Backs Of Each Card Piece.

Place the front and back of the greeting card, with the interiors facing up, on the table.

Align the ruler along one of the short edges and measure 3/4″ from each corner to designate the Card. Repeat on the opposite short side.

Align the ruler along one of the long edges, make a mark on the Card 3/4″ from each corner, and then another mark 3/4″ in from that point. Repeat for the opposite long side.

4. Draw Lines On The Cards

Utilize this image as a guide to draw lines on each greeting card component.

Connect each of the marks you made on the Card’s short edges using a ruler and a pen.

Note that the marks you made on the long side of the Card, 3/4″ from the corner, are not connected. Align a ruler along these marks and draw a line from one line to another, stopping short of the Card’s edge.

Finally, use the ruler to connect the second mark you made on each long edge.

5. Cut The Cards To Make Flaps

Utilize the scissors to cut along each drawn line along the short edge. Cut to the intersecting line, approximately 1-1/2″ from the edge. Utilize the image above as a guide.

6. Folding The Sides Of The Card Box

Begin by creating two creases along the side with the two drawn lines. Before folding, using a bone folder to score the lines produces a crisp and pointed edge. First, fold the side along the first line until it meets the second line. Fold it again along the second line.

Fold in the Card’s other edges along the lines you drew. Now, fold in each of the cut segments or tabs.

7. Assembling Your Card Box

Support the folded edge with the tabs facing up. Make the charges align with the other side by bending them. Fold the opposite edge over the eyelets. Utilize a small piece of adhesive to secure it.

Repeat for the box’s opposite side and the box’s opposite half.

8. Finishing Your Card Box

You should have a complete top and bottom at this point! Since you trimmed a small amount of excess from the Card’s tail, the Card’s top should fit snugly over the base.

Experiment with various box depths by adjusting the 3/4″ measurement to create boxes with higher or lower margins.

These boxes are an excellent way to recycle used greeting cards and make perfect gift boxes for small treats.

A creative and eco-friendly concept is to transform a greeting card into a gift box. You can create a small decorative receptacle by cutting and folding the Card with care. This do-it-yourself endeavor allows you to personalize gift packaging while reducing waste, making it a considerate and eco-friendly option.

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